A wicked thought seized Sylvia. Was it cheating if it was cyber? Oh hell, what did she care? She was breaking up with Travis. If he cared, he’d be with her, making her scream in an intense orgasm. What harm could there be in a little cyber sex with TOC? It was a step above self-pleasure. How could she let him know she was willing to play tonight? Maybe.... ST: pretty tired...a back rub would put me to sleep.

TOC: r u ready 4 bed?

ST: *nod*

TOC: whatcha wearin?

There. This was an opening gambit. He’d asked this on many occasions and she’d managed to ignore or deflect the question.

ST: tap pants

TOC: ???

ST: like Betty Boop shorts

TOC: is that all?

ST: a spaghetti strap matching top

TOC: color?

ST: pink

TOC: Mmm. i love pink. give up the pink to me sweet thing?

ST: tonight

TOC: oh baby!

ST: but i don’t want u 2 think im using u

TOC: use me baby, use me

ST: it’s just that our sex life is boring

TOC: won’t b with me

ST: i’ve never done this

TOC: cyber virgin...nice

ST: lol. glad u think so

TOC: i do...really...u ready 2 begin?

ST: r u sure?

TOC: yes, i won’t think u used me

Sylvia sighed. This was what she wanted, needed tonight. To feel as if someone wanted her, even if it was just on a purely physical level.

ST: so, u like pink?

TOC: a very feminine, sexy color...what’s it made of?

ST: satin...nice and smooth, soft on my body.

TOC: i bet it hugs ur tits nicely

ST: drapes off them

TOC: r u hard?

ST: ???

TOC: nips...r they hard?

ST: not really

TOC: touch them...make them into...what do the romance novelists say?...O yea, ‘turgid peaks’


TOC: r u doing it?

ST: no, but i will now

TOC: good...listen to TOC...i can make u cum.