Excerpt from Refugee by Lucynda Storey

Jack rose from the bed and headed back to the shower. Neither the pounding of the spray against the porcelain, or the steam rising to fog the mirror, managed to blast Amanda from his thoughts. He pulled the curtain and stepped into the hammering, hot water.

Letting it sluice over his back, he leaned his head against the rear wall of the shower stall. He couldn’t deny the lust welling within him when he thought of all the blonde hair and soft, sexy curves that was Amanda.

As much as he physically wanted her, her experiences with Victor Wakefield put her off limits to him for an indefinite amount of time. Abused submissives weren’t known for quick recoveries and their lack of trust hindered them in forming another relationship with a decent Dom. A guy like Jack.

“Case, you better wrap this thing up fast,” Jack muttered under his breath stepping out of the shower. The sooner Amanda was out of his house and safekeeping, the better off they both were.

He towel dried his hair and viciously rubbed the terry over his body. A heart-wrenching sob filtered through the door, stopping him in motion. He swallowed hard, knowing the sound came from Amanda. Concern for her filled him, but could he ease her fears and sadness? Did he dare try to comfort her?

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