Excerpt from Welcome to the Jungle by Lucynda Storey

More sounds. This time they were recognizable. Human. But friend or foe? How could she possibly know? She laid flat on her stomach, pushing back an irrational urge to laugh.

Willpower kept her quiet as questions occupied her mind. Who was the man who’d taken her from the clinic? How was he involved with Rob? Perhaps the Embassy was the best place for her to go once she got out of this pickle. She had little information and questions aplenty. With her limited Spanish, she badly needed a translator.

More voices. This time she heard English. If she could only be sure who was looking for her.

"Cali! Cali where are you?"

A heavy sigh left her. Thank god, it was the doctor. He’d escaped and come looking for her. Weakly she responded to his shouts. "I’m here."

She pushed herself to her knees just as a pair of hiking boots arrived in her field of vision. She allowed her gaze to travel upward as the owner of the boots knelt. Dr. Rob Masters, a man she was thrilled to see.

One arm went around her as he helped her to her feet. "My god, are you alright?"

Heat rushed through her at his contact. In rapid little gulps she managed, "I think so."

Blood dripped from her forehead, down her cheek, and fell onto her suit. He didn’t let go of her, his muscular arm tight around her as they walked. She felt safe, even though she knew she wasn’t. "Who was that awful man?"

He stiffened. "Diego Montoya."

"What did he want from you?"

"Your sister."

"George? For heaven’s sake, why?"

"I wish I knew, Cali...I think George is in big trouble."

A clump of grass caught the heel of her shoe and Cali pitched forward. Rob kept her from falling to the ground. He swept her up and cradled her against his chest. A painful groan followed.

She gasped. "There’s no need to carry me."

Gingerly, he set her back on her feet. His next words came out in a low growl. "You’re bleeding."

"I must look awful."

"Considering he took you unconscious from the clinic, I’d say you look fine." He paused. "Did he strike you?"

"Not after he took me from the office." She tentatively touched her forehead. "I did this on my own."

"It must have been difficult for you to get away."

Cali pushed back a large leaf that impeded their progress. "You’d be amazed at what a wedgie and a well placed knee can accomplish."

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