Excerpt of Lucynda Storey's Bet Me. The complete story is available now from Aspen Mountain Press.

Brad stared at Lea for a moment then turned his brown laser-like gaze on Sylvia. "What about you? Do you enjoy sex games?"

She shrugged. Games in the bedroom really depended on your partner. Not everyone liked the same sort of things as she’d discovered two summers ago. "Depends."

"Yeah, right." Disbelief permeated those two words. "You were feeding us a line of shit."

Next to him, Travis nodded. His blue eyes held a cool indifference, probably to the conversation going on around him. Sylvia met Travis a year ago when they started in the same graduate program at the University of Colorado, studying ancient civilizations. They shared several common interests like architecture and traveling, but somehow had never progressed further.

"Bet me." The words were out of her mouth before she’d thought them over. She was like that, blurting out, especially in regard to anything she perceived as a challenge.

As if that had jolted him like an injection of adrenaline, Travis joined in. "Who’s apartment is the closest?"

"That would be Sylvia’s," Lea answered. "She’s doing a loft thing not far from here. Why?" The two men grinned at each other, a feral look in their eyes. A potent cocktail of hope and fear flopped Sylvia’s stomach. Around her the sounds of the remaining patrons diminished while Brad’s deep voice amplified. What had she just gotten Lea and herself into?

"I’m thinking a real game of ‘Truth or Dare’ since you two seem so hot on it."

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