Lucynda Has Something to Excite You!

Lucynda Storey: An Introduction

Lucynda started life as the first born in an Air Force family. She traveled often going to such exotic hot spots as New Mexico, Texas, and Turkey. After a stint in Maine, her father settled down in Colorado, the location Cyn calls home.

Traveling, moving in particular, is as inherited trait for Lucynda. She's lived in Nebraska, Michigan (both east and west sides of the state), and is currently residing in her beloved Colorado.

Family life keeps Lucynda busy. Her son recently graduated, and her daughter is about to start high school. Her youngest son will be a fourth grader this fall.

Lucynda loves to travel and has visited some interesting places. She did extensive traveling in eastern Europe before the demise of the Berlin Wall. On her latest trip, she visited Ireland, the setting of two of her novels.

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